Being split in two groups – due to the vast number of 49 partaking students – the first group met at 3:00am on Sunday morning to leave for Dublin from Bratislava airport; the others following from Vienna 12 hours later. Upon arrival in Ireland, we were welcomed by chilly, yet untypically dry weather – a favorable circumstance which added much to the uplifting of our tired spirits. It was not long until each and every one of us was picked up by their host parents, with some of us seizing the chance to explore our new environment instantly and others just dropping dead into our beads trying to recover from the strenuous journey.

Monday morning saw the first major challenge with students having to find their way into town on their own. From 9–1 language classes in a central Dublin language school mainly aimed at improving student’s oral and communication skills and teaching Irish customs, history and traction. The afternoons each were filled with a different schedule, ranging from a guided city tour, to trips to the seaside close-by.

On Friday, all of us were packed into a coach to head for our second destination in the far Atlantic west of Ireland. En-route to Galway, we stopped at the ancient monastery of Clonmacnoise and the highlight of the entire trip: the Cliffs of Moher.

While most students decided to venture out and explore Galway on Saturday, some decided to seize the day and go to the Aran Islands off the western coast to take a bike ride on Inishmore; the largest of these rugged, yet picturesque islands with inhabitants that still predominately speak Irish Gaelic.

Prof. Lauterbach Prof. Eichmair Prof. Theuermann Prof. Stadler Prof. Pecoraro