Unsere langersehnte erste Erasmusreise nach Budapest konnte unter strengen Sicherheitsvorkehrungen nun endlich stattfinden. Im Anschluss haben die teilnehmenden Schüler/innen der 8e Tagesberichte verfasst.


Monday in Budapest

We arrived in Budapest on the 7th of November, therefore our official first day began on November the eighth. After eating breakfast at our hotel, we left for the host school. There everyone had to hold presentations about their country, school and either the Danube or the Black Sea.

While eating lunch in “La Corte” restaurant we had a great opportunity to get to know the students of the other countries.

Following the lunch, we were scheduled to go to a 3d Gallery, while our teachers took part of the project meeting. While being at the gallery we had the option of taking pictures with 3d art. At the end everyone was given one printed picture. (Sahar)

Tuesday in Budapest

In the morning of the 9th of November, we got ready to head into a bus for a sightseeing tour. We spent the most time at the noteworthy Buda Castle, where we thoroughly explored its exquisite structure and design while being lectured about its history by our tour guide.

When we were finished dining, we headed back to the school for more activities. Our task was to create posters and book covers while being in a mixed group, therefore making it a nice way to socialize with other participants of this project. Once the task was completed the students entered a Kahoot quiz that was about the Danube. (Mate)

Wednesday in Budapest  

The class took a trip to the Sewage System in Budapest and found out all about how the waste transforms into new and biodegradable waste that ends up in the Danube. After that there was an excursion to the Budapest Zoo were there was a school activity were the students were mixed into international groups from different countries. They had to find as many animals that live along or in the Danube and name them. After that there was lunch in a nice restaurant where we all got our attendance certificates. (Zeena)

Thursday in Budapest

At half past eight, we boarded the bus and drove approximately one hour to the city Esztergom. There, we visited the Danube Museum, where the group got split in half. First, one of the groups got a lecture about water pollution and observed a brief history of the Danube and the way it has been used for shipping. The other group watched a short movie about gold panning. After that, there was a possibility for the students to try it out themselves. Later, these groups switched. Following this, we walked to the Esztergom Basilica, where the bus picked us up.

The next stop was lunch and group activity in Szentendre, divided and mixed into international teams. The town was marked with different stations, and we got questions to some of them. The task was to find them in order to be able the questions. At half past five the teams united at the bus parking lot to drive back to the hotel. (Emese)

Friday in Budapest

With this being the last day of the trip, the Erasmus group, excluding the Turkish students as their departure was earlier, went on to visit the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest. With an enjoyable tour of the gothic-style landmark, new information about the history of the building has been taught. The Holy Crown of Hungary is being kept safe in the central hall, guarded by soldiers. Later on, after the end of the tour, each group from the represented countries has said their goodbyes. The rest of the day was given to the students to further enjoy and explore the city. (Miruna)