On the first day we got to visit the Anadolu Denizcilik Meslek Lisesi (a technical secondary school in Rize), then we had the chance to learn about the different cities, countries and schools through presentations made by the students. After finishing up the presentations, we had a lunch break to socialize with our teammates, while we also ate traditional food for the first time. Assoc. Dr. Ülgen. AYTAN presented „How to prevent water pollution“, and after that we had free time that we spent sitting together at one table playing board games and getting to know each other. (Amila, 6e)

On the second day, we had a wonderful bus tour, our first stop „ziplining“ consisted of us students and teachers trying out the amazing experience of hanging on by a thread. Some students even enjoyed it so much that they went for a second round. The second stop definitely didn’t disappoint either, we had the amazing chance to take some traditional Turkish sweets like, sütlac. On the third stop we got to take gorgeous pictures of the views and ourselves with our colleges  and friends. But many would say that the fourth spot „Zilkale Fortress“ was the real deal, the beautiful Castel in all its glory and the amazing view that also comes with it. To end the day with a full stomach and happy students we all got to have lunch at the DOGA RESORT HOTEL, where they served us Mercimek çorbası, grilled chicken, cig köfte and to top it all off we ended it with some delicious sütlaç. (Yomna, 6e)

Our first destination was Trabazon port, there were two experts who told us about its history and functions, then we went to the Meryem Ana Monastery, later we stopped at the Suktan restaurant für lunch and then we went back to our hotel. (Yousuf, 6e)

 On our fourth day we did activities to write a manifesto of our project. We worked really hard and at the end a fantastic presentation came out. Later we had lunch together at Naila in Rize and we got souvenirs to remember this beautiful adventure. In the afternoon we visited the Municipality of Rize to present our manifesto. The mayor informed us about the cities work for a clean environment of Rize. He also told us what he personally does to improve water pollution. At the end of the speech, we also got traditional Rize gifts. (Sara, 6e)

On the last and 5th day, when we arrived at the school, we started with the final ceremony. Everyone received a certificate for the application of this project. A group of students from the Turkish school performed a traditional folk dance, music was played and anybody could participate singing. After that, there was a special cake with the Erasmus logo for everyone. Each person had a good time. After lunch break, we did some activities in small groups like walking down the coastline and playing cards in the lobby. (Ayse, 6e)