On the first day of the Erasmus project WWW our guests from Bulgaria and Belgium arrived in our school, where we warmly welcomed them. We started off by presenting ourselves, our countries and the social media applications we use. Later, we played a few get-to-know-you games, and the Bulgarians even taught us how to make traditional handcrafts called Kallen Baba Marta. After we had eaten lunch together, we had to change our plans a bit. Instead of visiting the ORF to talk to a social media expert, we went to the city centre where we did a sightseeing rally in mixed groups. While discovering some of our Viennese sites such as the St. Stephan´s Cathedral, the opera house, the Albertina, the Stadtpark, the Hofburg and many more, we had to answer some specific questions and take pictures and produce videos. We had lots of fun taking pictures for our project social media accounts and getting to know each other. (Laura, 7e)
On Tuesday we all did a workshop on safe internet usage. The host Mr. Grasenapp from the organization “safer internet” taught us all sorts of ways to stay safe while surfing the internet such as not talking to strangers, cyber bullying, forbidden signs etc. After our workshop we had the opportunity to visit the ORF headquarters and see their studios. We also had the honour of being guided through the building by one of our local celebrities Mr. Idan Hanin, one of the ZIB TikToker, who works at ORF. He gave us a good idea on how their workday usually looks like and how important social media is for the Austrian public news service. Afterwards, we took a walk to Schönbrunn where we could see the Gloriette, the castle and the beautiful gardens. We ended our day by visiting the Easter market with its lovely handicrafts. (Divine, 7e)
On the third day of the project, we all met at the ceremony hall in the district office (Bezirksamt Wien 15), where we learned many things about photography. Ms. Estrada and her husband, both professional photographers, held a workshop about photography where we learned to shoot the perfect picture and what is important, such as the lighting, the composition, the setting etc. They even made sure that we took our own professional photos in each international group. Each group made their way to take some picture outside in the surrounding (e.g., on the rooftop of IKEA, in nearby parks…). After showing the professionals the photos we took with our phones, we got the chance to have a photo shoot with a professional camera. After the shyness was gone, it became fun to be in front and/or behind the camara. (Beytullah, 7e)
On our fourth day of our Vienna week, we went to the Belvedere Palace, which is now a museum. The museum is especially well known for the famous paintings of Klimt (e.g., The Kiss). First the Belgian teacher gave us a short, guided tour of the painting ‘’The Kiss’’ and after that we had one hour time to explore the museum ourselves and to take pictures for our social media project accounts. Next, we went to the market Naschmarkt and on our way to the market we passed the Karlskirche. After the break at Naschmarkt we went to our school and worked in our international groups on our social media accounts. We were divided into five groups, so every group got a different social media account. My group had Snapchat and the other four accounts are on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Pinterest. After everyone posted pictures of this great week, we had to present the different accounts and then we got our certificates for participating in this gorgeous and very well-organized Erasmus project. The last thing we did today was going to the Prater amusement park because it was our last evening together. I want to thank everyone for being social and friendly, but especially Ms. Plattensteiner for organizing this week and despite all the stress still being nice and patient. (Mateo, 7e)
On Friday, which was also the last day of the Erasmus project, we got the opportunity to go to the FH Campus and learn from some experts‘ ways to stay safe and secure while surfing the internet. We were first shown how a car can be remotely controlled by a simple hacking system that has only been worked on for about a year. Then they showed us how easily accounts can be hacked by simply having a weak password. They even showed us how we could check whether our emails have been breached and what type of information has been leaked because of that breach. It was very insightful, and it was a beautiful way to end our week of learning. (Divine, 7e)