On our first project-day we got the chance to introduce ourselves to the other participants from Spain, Italy, France, Croatia and Turkey and we played a funny get-to-know-you-game. 
After that the Spanish people gave us a presentation about their own island and culture.
Then a tourist guide explained how to design an e-book. 
Later on each international team had a presentation about to top sites in their country.
At the end of the program we learned about the Geopark in Lanzarote. When the presentation was over we had the possibility to enjoy the beach. (Melike 6e)
On Tuesday a private bus picked us up. At first, we visited Jameos del Agua. We saw the pristine water pool and the tunnel that goes into the Atlantic. It was really interesting. After a break we went to a church and saw the art of Caesar Manrique. Our last stop was Mirador de Rio. At around 2 pm we came back to the hotel and had the opportunity to discover the surrounding of Costa Teguise. (Nikolina 6e)
In the morning we went to the National Park Timafaya where we saw vulcanos and how food was made with the heat of the earth.
Our next destination was the winery, there we had the opportunity to see how different the wine was made years ago. 
We visited the Monumento al Campesino, a very beautiful place to take pictures at.
In the afternoon we were at the „Los Vulcanes Natural Park“ where we saw „largo verde“. It was really windy but an amazing place to see.
Our last stop was the Salinas where salt was produced. (Maria 6e)
On our fourth day in this Erasmus project, we drove to the IES Teguise Highschool by bus after breakfast and continued working on the e-books that we had started doing in Vienna. This time we focused on human made sites in the participating countries/areas/cities. We also had the opportunity of a guided tour where we saw how school works in Spain. Then we went to Terrero de Lucha C.L. Tao where we learned about the Canary Fighting. After that we had lunch in Tao. Many options of traditional food (papas arrugardas, mojo sauce, paella, corquetas…) were offered.  (Rina 6)
On the last day of our project, we started off by finishing our e-books. After exchanging gifts and receiving the certificates we took the bus to visit the “Jardin de Cactus”. We bought a few souvenirs to take home with us after walking around in the cactus garden which also had fish swimming in a few small ponds. At the end of our trip, we went to a vocational training school (focused on tourism) and ate traditional Spanish food they had prepared for us! Lastly, we said our goodbyes to the Spanish and the Italian team which already sadly had to leave. (Zaira 6e)