Monday was our first day of the project. First, we introduced ourselves to the students and teachers and we all presented our school, the city, and local traditions. After that, we showed the students around our school and told them some facts about it; then we were divided in international groups where we showed them our flyers about waste management in Vienna that we had made prior to this project. After a lunch break, we started our scavenger hunt in the first district which also focused on waste management and how Vienna deals with waste. During the scavenger hunt, we also had the opportunity to see important buildings such as St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the City Hall, the University, the Hofburg and the Austrian Parliament. Our day ended at one of the famous the Christmas markets. (Bea, 6e)

On Tuesday, we took part in a recycling workshop centred around reusing and repairing old clothing. Each of our respective five groups had their own theme and had the whole morning until lunch to independently try out different techniques and work. Our groups included: making a wallet out of chocolate wrapping, fashion designing, repairing and making something different out of old clothes. After lunch in the afternoon, we could either film an interview or a do a tutorial concerning our pieces of art we produced in the morning. (Tara, 6e)

On Wednesday a delegation from the European Youth Parliament came to our school and put us in one of the following groups with separate goals: #greenenergy, #EUvalues or #carfreecities. We did some team building exercises and afterwards found answers to some questions that were specifically targeted to our group’s goals. After said task was done, we had a little break to cool down and to make sure everyone knew the questions and answers our group came up with. Then we held a debate with the other groups in which we voted for or against their answers/solutions. Meanwhile the teachers held their teacher´s meeting to discuss further mobilities and activities of the project. A guided tour was offered to them as well. (Vuk, 6e)

On Thursday, we finished working on our project, the videos were edited and dubbed or subtitled. After that, we all ordered pizza. Some students went to the hotel to play werewolf. After lunch break, we made our way to the escape room of the MA48. There were eight tasks to solve relating to waste management in Vienna in order to open the locked rooms. We had a lot of fun in our international groups of five and learned a lot in the process. On the way back some students went to the Prater, our Viennese amusement park. (Lamis, 6e)

On Friday, which was our last day together, we had a fun program for the day consisting of a fashion show and later a game revolving around the 17 different Sustainable Development Goals. Thereby, Ms Pohnitzer from the Leadership Associate held a workshop (  The game was really fun because we had to try to achieve our SDG in groups of two. Bartering, trading, negotiating, everything was allowed. Many groups succeeded but some had to experience how hard it is to achieve the goal. After that game we got our certificates awarded, certifying that we participated in all the different programs throughout the week. Then, we said our goodbyes and hoped to see each other again soon. (Madleyn, 6e)