On our first day in Düzce we met students at the Borsa Istanbul Technical and Anatolian High School. Each country did presentations about their home country, city and school. After that we had a lunch break and ate traditional Turkish dishes like sarma, cig köfte, baklava and had Turkish caj (tea). When everyone was finished eating, the students went to play games such as Chinese whispers and dancing games; while the students were playing, the teachers were planning the next steps of the project (e.g. the next activity in Rize, Turkiye). Then the students got a tour around the school department and visited some of the workshops. We also visited the Düzce university and had a meeting about our project at the engineering faculty. Another faculty we visited was the faculty of Forestry, there we learned a lot about Turkish plants and visited the herbarium. For dinner we went to the Konya Etli Ekmek which is a famous restaurant in Düzce. There we watched the show of Mevlana (whirling dervishes). At the restaurant we ate Bide and etlekmek and for dessert künefe. (Emanuella 8e)

On the second day we visited the Director of education of Düzce and the Director of environment at the education directorate which was directly in front of the hotel. They spoke about the importance of cooperation in the field of “reducing pollution”. Afterwards, we split into five mixed-nationality groups and walked through the city with the opportunity to explore the city and in the end to buy typical Turkish souvenirs for our beloved ones at home.
Then we went to the “Pakmaya” yeast factory where the plant manager and the technical engineer of the company held a presentation about the efficient way of them filtering the factory wastewater before letting it flow down the Düzce river. We also had a tour of the factory which didn’t smell nice; nevertheless, the day ended with a little present from the factory for everyone (Rida, 8e)

On the third day in Düzce, we departed from the hotel at 9 am and drove to a town called Akçacoka Belediye Baskanligi, which is located at the Black Sea. There, a presentation was held by the mayor of Akçacok. The presentation not only included the wastewater treatment system in general, but also the culture and festivals were mentioned. After we had visited the treatment plant and could see how wastewater is transformed to clean water, we went to the Genoese castle at the coast. There, everyone got gloves and we started to clean the beach. Everyone helped and was surprised at how much waste was actually collected. After a traditional Turkish lunch, we got to stay on a Catamaran boat. Finally, we got to a cave in which we had to duck to fit through some holes. A light show gives the cave a special flair. After that slippery underground adventure, we went back to Düzce. (Raphael, 8e)

Düzce Day 4: at first, we departed from the hotel via bus and drove to Düzce Borsa İstanbul Tekniki ve Mesleki Anadolu Lisesi (Düzce Borsa Istanbul Technical and Vocational Anatolian High School) and designed our own water cleaning systems using a bottle, stones, pebbles, litter and sponges. After we finished, we wrote down slogans for the Erasmus Day. Later we went to Düzce Mutfak Sanatları Merkezi which is a restaurant on a hill, where you have a nice view over the area. We ate soup as a starter, beef and börek as the main course as well as rice and pudding as a dessert. Afterwards, we went to the Düzce Konuralp Museum where we saw some Turkish archaeological artefacts and learned about their culture and history. From there, we did a quiz to which we found the answers in the museum and the area around which is the ancient city. After we finished, we went to the ancient theatre. (Timothy, 8e)

On our last day we visited amazing natural destinations in and near Düzce. We started our day with a visit to Efteni Lake. After that we went on to the Güzeldere Waterfall. And last of all, we visited the Aydinpinar Waterfall, where we also ate traditional Turkish food like rice with beans and meat. In the evening, we had a farewell party where the whole group ate together and danced to different folk songs. We also had an amazing show of folk dances in Düzce (Cerkez Dance) before dinner. All participants of the project got their certificates awarded. We said goodbye to the other groups and had a great time together. (Sude, 8e)