The 6e were given the opportunity to attend the Euroscola event on June 5th, which took place at the House of the European Union/Haus der EU in Vienna. The event aimed to discuss and prepare for the European elections scheduled in June 2024. We were also briefed about what was planned for the future of the EU and what steps they wanted to take.

Everyone in attendance had the privilege of hearing from political figures such as Alexander Bernhuber (ÖVP), Andreas Schieder (SPÖ), Thomas Waitz (Die Grünen), and Nikolaus Scherak (NEOS), who are members of the Eueopean Parliament(MEPs), with Mr. Sherman from NEOS being a member of the Austrian Parliament.

During this discussion, topics like the EU Green Deal including the methane problem, the Balkan region entering the EU, the war in the Ukraine and the reception of Rumania and Hungary into the Schengen group were mentioned and controversially discussed.

During the event, the politicians also emphasized the importance of youth engagement in European politics, acknowledging the unique opportunity for young people to participate in Euroscola which will be possible for a group of students from our school next November. They highlighted the significance of active involvement by the youth in shaping the future of the European Union.

Of course, we were given the opportunity to ask questions and make remarks, to which they responded honestly.

Overall, it was a necessary visit; we need to know who and what we are voting for, as the majority of us will be voting next year.

Yomna and Samira 6E