On the 25th of September 2023 a few students of 6e and 7e were invited to BRORG 2 Lessinggasse, where students from other schools such as BRG 18 and the Ursulinen also participated. They took part in a mini sessions organized by the European Youth Parliament on different topics such as gender equality, small medium sized businesses, cybercrime, car free cities and scamming and fishing. The European Youth Parliament Austria is a member of the unique network of the European Youth Parliament (EYP) consisting of 40 youth organizations reaching out to young people all over Europe. It constitutes a non-partisan, non-biased and non-formal educational program for the entire European youth in all its diversity by organizing distinct parliamentary simulations.

During the event, each student got assigned to one of the groups. The participants had to collect information on their respective topics. Each group also had to prepare a presentation to educate the other participants. While the presentations were being held, the audience could also ask a variety of questions and discuss with the presenters. All in all, it was a great day where we improved our English language skills, proved our ability to work as members of a team with individuals from diverse backgrounds and applied communication and team management skills. In the end students were awarded a certificate of participation; it was a nice experience and we would love to do it again.

(Divine, Beytullah, Mateo, Amila and Laura, 7e)