A group of 24 students (6e, 7b and 7e) were invited to take part in an Euroscola session in the EU Parliament in Strasbourg. Together with students form 12 different nations, we had the pleasure to meet the Vice-President of the European Parliament, Marc Angel. The students had the opportunity to discuss the green deal, the wars, the education system and the daily life of a politician with Mr. Angel.

Mr. Fabio di Franco, an expert for cybersecurity, gave the students the opportunity to suggest ideas to improve cyber security. Making basic information about cybersecurity a part of education and limiting companies like Facebook and Instagram from extorting us from our own data where only two of the participant´s ideas. After the lunch break, the students took part in a simulation of the work of the MEPs with the focus on “safe internet for a stronger Europe: EU´s Commitment to Cybersecurity”. Thereby all participants were divided into four groups: in favour, compromise-orientated, undecided and against. In the meantime the teachers were given a tour of the Parliament building, visited an exhibition and did some networking. In the afternoon our group visited the famous Christmas market in the city centre and ate some delicious brezel, crepes or tarte flambée, traditional, regional Alsatian  food. On our last day, the group visited the Alsatian museum and the Cathedrale Notre Dame-de-Strasbourg. All in all, it was a memorable experience that we will cherish and keep in memory. (Yomna, Mateo, Amila, Sara, Samira, Yousuf, 7e)