On 25.05.2023 our class, the 6E had the opportunity to visit the United Nations Office and The Austrian Representation to The International Organizations in Vienna with Ms. Metz and Ms. Theuermann, who had already prepared us very well for this day. We were provided with an amazing experience!


The United Nations Office in Vienna serves as one of the four major UN headquarters worldwide, alongside New York, Geneva, and Nairobi. Combating illicit drugs and crime, and addressing global issues related to nuclear disarmament, and human rights are some of its main focus areas. 


As we went in, we were greeted warmly and had a guided tour in the UN Building. The UN Building is more like a city because it has everything that an employee there might need like a restaurant, Raiffeisen Bank or a store. We also had the chance to see the items that were gifted to the UN in Vienna by the member

states. The gifts included a water fountain from Morocco, a huge painting from Japan and a Tutankhamun sculpture from Egypt.


At the Austrian Representation we were also greeted kindly and were offered Coffee and delicious pastries. The two diplomats were introducing their job to us and its pros and cons. They were also talking about the UN which gave us a better overview.


This unique trip was a great learning opportunity for our class because we had the chance to interact with professionals working in international relations. This experience also inspired us to actively participate in shaping a better world. (Wateen, 6e)