Die Schüler/innen der E-Klassen zu Gast beim 20. ÖGB Bundeskongress/ The students of the E-classes as guests at the 20th ÖGB Federal Congress

5e, 6e and 7e from our European Highschool, were invited to visit the 20th ÖGB´s Federal Congress at the Austrian Vienna International Center. When we arrived our groups were welcomed by the tour guides. During our 2,5h tour we learned what the ÖGB is and what they deal with (e.g. minimum salary, collective agreements…). We started with a funny game and our tour guide explained the different unions that exist in Austria. We were encouraged to ask questions that we had. Later two young members of the ÖGB explained the benefits, about being a member of this organization. Later we were invited to go to the congress hall to see what was going on during this three days conference. At the end we were free to go around the fair stands where we got a lot of free merchandise (e.g. bags, triangles, sweets…). We learned a lot there and had an interesting day at the Austria Center Vienna.