Wir könnten nun ebenfalls unsere Erasmus+ Projektpartner aus Ungarn, Serbien, Rumänien und der Türkei bei uns in Wien begrüßen und gemeinsam eine interessante Woche mit dem Themenschwerpunkt „Donau“ verbringen. Den genauen Ablauf haben die Schülerinnen der 7e zusammengefasst:

After the arrival of all the students in our school on Monday, 14th and the introduction round, powerpoint presentations about each participating country were presented. After the presentations, there was a Kahoot quiz about Vienna. At noon, together with everyone else and by public transport, we drove to the hydroelectric power plant Freudenau. There, we got a tour of the power plant and learned a lot of new things about how the power plant works and much more. (Emanuella 7e)

On Tuesday the 15th we started with „get-to-know each other activities“ in international groups and prepared a padlet about our activities. For lunch we went to a restaurant and ate traditional Austrian food, „Wiener Schnitzel“,  „Käsespätzle“ and „Kaiserschmarren“ for dessert. During that time we had the chance to talk to our guests privately, that was a lot of fun. After the break we had expert talks in school about microplastic and sediments in the Danube. The experts Ms Kemptner from Viadonau and Ms Haimann from the Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and River Research (BOKU) explained their fields of work. (Maria 7e)

On Wednesday the 16th of March we went to the Nationalpark Lobau. After a brief train ride we divided into two groups and toured the park. We learned about nature and the Danube as well as the Nationalpark. At 12:30 p.m. we enjoyed a tasteful lunch sponsored by Ströck. Once we finished our break we divided into international groups to do some teambuilding tasks. After a small setback each group tested the Danube water for clearity an ph level. To end the day each group took some chalk and wrote a message Dow on the pavement next to the Danube.To conclude, I believe Wednesday was the day we all as students started to talk and find people which whom we have things in common. A lot of the students also said that this trip was their favourit part of the week. (Franziska 7e)

On the fourth day of the project “Clean Danube – Clean Black Sea” we had a sightseeing city rally. Therefore we were split up in five international teams. The rally lead us to various sites such as museums, parks, statues, coffees, etc in the first district. In the meantime the teachers had a sightseeing tour with a tour guide called Charles. After two hours of walking we met again in front of Haashaus. After lunch break the hole group moved via Donaukanal/Schwedenplatz to Schönbrunn where the tour ended. (Elham 7e)

On the last day of the project, we prepared a PowerPoint presentation in international groups, where we had to report about the knowledge we learned about the Danube during the week. The results were then briefly presented to the audience. After that the certificate ceremony took place. Each participant got his/her certificate awarded. For lunch we ordered pizza, danced international dances and finally we said goodbye to our guests. (Sude 7e)